Getting Pre-Qualified

“The key to securing your dream home is by starting out with a great plan, and then hiring a great team!”

Before venturing into the property market and shopping for a home, you need to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. This process requires a careful review of your credit, income, and assets to determine your purchasing power. Red Oak Mortgage offers our pre-qualification service free-of-charge, which allows you to determine your affordability range to help you scout for a new home.

Here’s how we can assist:

Why get pre-qualified with Red Oak Mortgage?

Unlike other online marketing companies with giant call-centers who employ application-takers, Red Oak Mortgage offers tailor-made support for evaluating the creditworthiness of clients. Our advanced process helps you be confident in your qualification for a mortgage by:

  • Determining your ‘monthly income’ to ever-changing mortgage guidelines
  • Guiding you to the loan that best suits you needs
  • Demonstrating to potential sellers that you are an able and willing buyer
  • Providing you with an added leverage when buying a home
  • Making your offer look more appealing and appeasing to sellers and lenders
  • Adding value to your credit report through an independent, third party review

How do I get pre-qualified?

Use our online pre-qualification tool here to get started.