Documentation Checklist

Documentation Checklist


Here is a list of documents as a guide to what paperwork we’ll need to process your mortgage.  Not all borrowers and mortgages will require all documentation items, and additional documentation may be needed along the way.  



  • Legible copy of the front & back of Government photo ID.

FHA/VA (In addition to your Government photo ID we need the following.)

  • Legible copy of the front & back of your Social Security card for each borrower.


  • Pay stubs from the last 30 days for all borrowers who receive them.

  • W2’s for the past 2 years.  (If any borrower receives 1099s or K1s, include them also.)

  • For Social Security or Pension Income, copies of the most recent award letters.


  • Last two month’s of statements for checking, savings, investment, and retirement accounts.


  • Homeowners Insurance Quote (for purchase) or current Homeowner’s Declarations (for refinance).  

Other Items

Here are some additional items that may be applicable to your situation.  We may ask for items not shown on this list.


  • Fully executed Purchase Agreement, all pages.

  • Addendums to the Purchase Agreement, all pages and fully executed.

  • Name and contact information for your realtor & attorney (if applicable).

  • Proof that your Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) has cleared your bank account.

Self-Employed Borrower

  • Two years of your most recent tax returns.

  • Two years of your business tax returns.

  • Two years of K1 forms, all pages.

Investment Properties/Keeping Current Property

  • Current insurance declarations for each property.

  • Current tax bill for each property.

  • Current mortgage statement for each property (if applicable).

  • Copy of your HOA coupon for each property (if applicable)

  • Lease agreement if property is rented.

Bankruptcy in past 7 years

  • Copy of the discharge paperwork.

  • Copy of your most recent award letter, all pages.

Child Support/Alimony Obligations

  • Copy of the divorce decree or court order.

Flood Zone

  • Quote or current flood declarations.